Top Load 6.5 kg Washing Machine (LWMT65GI1) 10 year warranty on motor


Zero (Low) Pressure Technology:- This technology helps you wash clothes in low water pressure. It ensures the washing continues even if your home experiences low water pressure. The inlet valves can operate at a very low water pressure.

8 Wash Program:- This washing machine can wash all type of clothes hygienically ! Regular, Delicate, Mixed, Wool, Heavy Duty, Bedding, Quick Wash and Clean Tub

8 Water Level:- This washing machine can save water by optimum water usage.

Tub Clean:- On the press of a single button, the Tub Clean feature cleans your tub automatically removing dirt and other residues after a washing cycle. It prevents the formation of bacteria and fungus inside the drum and keeps it odour free.

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